Orange County Passenger Taxicab Fares

Effective: August 27, 2006 Rates regulated by OCTAP 949-654-8294.
You can determine the distance (miles) of your trip with Mapquest or a similar service to get an estimate of your fare.
For questions or reservations, please contact us at (877) 636-2361 or via email at

taxi fare

Meter Rate:

  • $2.95 First 1/4 Mile
  • $0.65 Cents per Additional 1/4 Mile

Wait Fee:

  • $30.00 Per Hour Wait Time

Flat rates to destinations may be provided upon request.
No Extra Charge for Additional Passengers.

The taxicab meter is designed to calculate both distance and wait time, but not simultaneously. When the vehicle speed falls below a pre-determined speed (approx. 11 miles per hour), the meter will begin to calculate wait time. At this point, the meter will add 50 cents every 62 seconds to the total fare. Once the vehicle reaches speeds above the pre-determined point, the meter will again begin to calculate the fare based on distance; 50 cents every 1/5 of a mile. This is why you may see the fare amount increase even if you are stopped in traffic and is considered normal.